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We can handle any type of electronic security you need, from a fully customized system to a more standardized one. 

Electronic access control.

 Access control is also critical to the prevention of unauthorized access to your property and valued assets. CVS security deploy  proper access control equipment for the customer's needs and we are certified 


Fleet tracking.

we have asset tracking systems available for a wide variety of requirements. Whether you need basic fleet tracking or a completely integrated system that automates mobile asset loss prevention, we have a solution for you.


Monitored alarms.

We offer state of art monitored alarm systems  to protect your premises from any intrusion


CCtv Instalations

Looking for an affordable CCTV installation and maintenance services near you? We have a good reputation for being experts in the design, installation and maintenance of all types of security cameras and CCTV systems. Our professionals are committed to providing standard services and have the required skills that enable them complete work on time.


Electric Fencing

The electric fence is part of the first line of protection to your premises. It forms an integral part of the security plan and merits careful analysis and planning to be 100% functional and effective.

Electrified fencing not only acts as a physical and psychological barrier but also as an early warning alarm system, which is electronically monitored against cutting and shorting of strands in an attempted breaching of the perimeter

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